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Time for the awareness of female strength 
It's time for women to accept themselves as opposed to others accepting them 
You are the womb of universe who has the power to be a great nurturer 
Don't hope that someday you will get your due instead get up and get it yourself ☑
Young ladies don't let anyone undercut your success ❌
Disengage the clips from your wings ✂


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Dr. Sana Farista - The Laser Specialist

Dr. Sana Farista is one of Mumbai premier cosmetic & laser specialists, over the last 7 years, She has developed her practice to create a truly one of the kind experiance for people looking to transform their lives. By enhancing their smile and beauty, maintaining their good oral health through a range of Advance Non-invasive treatments option like:

  • Non-invasive Laser Dentistry.
  • Smile make over.
  • Tooth whitening.
  • Lip & Gum dipegmentation (Pinkning).
  • Implant
  • Gum Disease (Pyorrhea / Periodontitis)
  • Customize multi-disciplinary treatment
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